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Mayumi Prins, PhD

Mayumi L Prins, PhD

Mayumi L Prins, PhD


Professor, Director BIRC Education Program





Hospital Affiliation

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Department of Neurosurgery
PO Box 956901
Los Angeles, CA 90095-6901



Email Address



  • Postdoctoral Degree, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Medical College of Virginia Richmond, VA 1998-2001
  • Postdoctoral Degree, Neurosurgery, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 1997-1998
  • Ph.D., Neurobiology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 1992-1997
  • B.S., Biology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 1991


Dr. Prins’s research interests include understanding the changes in brain metabolism that occur after pediatric traumatic brain injury and how alternative fuels can be used as therapeutic options for the young brain after head injury. In addition to this main focus, she is interested in repeat mild head injuries as they apply to both children and young adult athletes.


  • 1 R01 NS052406-01 Period: 7/01/05 – 6/30/08 (Role: Principal Investigator)“Age-Dependent Ketone Metabolism After Brain Injury” To determine the use of ketone bodies as an alternate metabolic substrate following traumatic brain injury in the developing brain.
  • 1PO1 NS058489-01 (Director David Hovda) (Role:Principal Investigator Project 2) Program Project Grant: TBI-Induced Cerebral Metabolic Depression and Recovery Project 2: Age dependent use of alternative cerebral substrates during metabolic depression.
  • K02 (NS057420-1) (PI Chris Giza) Period: 10/1/2007-9/30/2012 (Role: Key Investigator) “Restoration of plasticity following pediatric traumatic brain injury”Agency: NINDS/NIH Division of Stroke and Trauma.
  • UCLA COR Faculty Grants Program 7/1/08-6/30-08 (Role: Principal Investigator) “Cerebral Metabolism of Ketones in Repeat Brain Injury”




  • 2003 Young Investigator Award, UCLA Brain Injury Research Center
  • 2005 Young Investigator Award, Brain Injury Association of America

PUBLICATIONS (recent articles)

  1. Wu, H., Kreissl, M.C., Schelber, H.R., Ladno, W., Prins, M., Shoghi-Jadid, K. , Chatziioannon, A., Phelps, M.E., Huang, S.C. First-pass angiography in mice using FDG-PET- A new method of deriving the cardiovascular transit time without the need of region-of-interest drawing. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 2005, 52(5)1311-1315.
  2. Prins, M.L., Fujima, L..S. , Hovda, D.A. Age-dependent reduction of cortical contusion volume by ketones following traumatic brain injury. Journal of Neuroscience Research 2005, 82(3)413-420.
  3. Kreissl, M.C., Wu, H.M., Stout, D.B., Ladno, W., Schindler, T.H., Zhang, X., Prior, J.O., Prins, M.L., Chatziioannou, A.F., Huang, S.C., Schelbert, H.R. Non-invasive measurement of cardiovascular function in mice with ultra-high temporal resolution small animal PET. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 2006, 47(6)974-980.
  4. Prins, M.L., Giza, C. Induction of Monocarboxylate transporter2 expression and ketone transport following TBI in juvenile and adult rats. Developmental Neuroscience 2006 28:447-456.
  5. Giza, C., Prins, M.L. Is Being Plastic Fantastic? Mechanisms of Altered Plasticity after Developmental TBI. Developmental Neuroscience, 2006 28:364-379.
  6. Wu. H.M., Sui, G., Lee, C.C., Prins, M.L., Ladno, W., Lin H.D., Yu A. SJ., Phelps, M.E., Huang, S.C. In vivo quantitation of glucose metabolism in mice using small animal PET imaging and a microfluidic device. J Nucl Med, 2007 48(5) 837-45.
  7. Prins, M.L. Cerebral Metabolic Adaptation and Ketone Metabolism After Brain Injury. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism , 2008 (1) 1-16.
  8. Prins, M.L. Diet, Ketones and Neurotrauma. Epilepsia, 2008
  9. Appelberg, S.K., Hovda, D.A., Prins, M.L. The effects of ketones on behavioral outcome after controlled cortical impact injury in the juvenile and adult rat. Journal Neurotrauma (in press)
  10. Prins, M.L. and Hovda, D.A. The effects of age and ketogenic diet on local cerebral metabolic rates of glucose after controlled cortical impact injury. Journal Neurotrauma (in press)

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