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Karolinska Research Lecture - NOBEL FORUM

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Dr. Itzhak Fried - "Neuromodulation of human memory: From single neuron recordings to clinical intervention"
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Clot-removal Device

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Dr. Sidney Starkman - Clot-removal device paired with drug shows benefits for stroke patients. Story on latimes.com »

Neurosurgery UCLA:

Ranked in U.S. top ten offering neurosurgical treatments for:

• Brain tumors
• Stroke
• Brain aneurysms
• Traumatic brain injury
• Pituitary tumors
• Epilepsy

• Hydrocephalus
• Movement disorders
• Spinal disorders

100 Subjects in Neurosurgery

100 Subjects in Neurosurgery

The 100 UCLA Subjects in Neurosurgery constitute a selection of a hundred relevant topics developed by the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Faculty as an educational tool.

Neil Martin, M.D., FAANS and  link to Webinar

The Latest Treatments for Hemifacial Spasms

On Wed, March 4, 2015 at 11:30 AM PDT, Neil Martin, M.D., FAANS, Director of the Aneurysm and AVM Program at UCLA, presented a live-streaming webinar to discuss the latest treatments for hemifacial spasm, involuntary muscle spasms on one side of the face triggered by a blood vessel compressing the facial nerve. Dr. Martin also explained microvascular decompression surgery to stop the severe facial twitching.
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Meet Our Physicians

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Isaac Yang, M.D.
Assistant Professor

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