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UCLA Neurosurgery


Site Map

UCLA Neurosurgery
      About Us
           Chair's Welcome
           Clinical Quality Program
                Ambulatory Clinic Lean Performance Improvement
                Implementation Guide for Clinical Quality Program
                     Healthcare Reform from the Inside
                Neurosciences Quality Metrics Dashboard
                Portfolio of Projects
                Epilepsy Research: Davies-Crandall Epilepsy Research Fund
           Global Neuro Health
           In the News
                News Archive
           Innovation & Technology
           Our History
           Resources and Links
                Endoscopic Removal of Pituitary Tumors
                Hemispherectomy for Sturge-Weber Syndrome
                Mind Over Matter
                Remote Presence Robots in ICU
                Treatment for Cavernous Angioma
      Clinical Programs & Conditions Treated
           Clinical Programs
                Brain Tumor
                     Los Angeles Brain Aneurysm Foundation Support Group
                Minimally Invasive Surgery Program
                Neurotrauma & Critical Care
                Neurovascular Surgery Program
                     Los Angeles TNA Support Group
                Skull Base Tumors
                Spine & Peripheral Nerve
                Stereotactic & Functional
           Conditions Treated
      Find a Physician
           Need Help?
      For Healthcare Professionals
           Clinical Quality Program
                Ambulatory Clinic Lean Performance Improvement
                Implementation Guide for Clinical Quality Program
                Portfolio of Projects
           How to Refer a Patient
           Surgical Neurology International
      Patient Resources
           Appointment Request
                Maps and Directions
           Contact Us - (310) 825-5111
           Going Home After Surgery
           Patient Stories
                Andrea - Brain AVM
                     Andrea Case History
                Anna - Brain AVM
                     Anna Case History
                April - Trigeminal Neuralgia
                     April Case History
                Brave Nikki's Story - Project Epilepsy
                Cathy - Brain Tumor
                     Cathy Case History
                Diego - Brain Trauma
                     Diego Case History
                Evelyn - Brain Tumor
                     Evelyn Case History
                Hank - Brain Tumor
                     Hank Case History
                Jennifer - Moyamoya Disease
                     Jennifer Case History
                Jennifer's Story - Stroke, Moyamoya Disease
                Jim - Spine Trauma
                     Jim Case History
                John - Stroke Patient
                Katherine - Brain Stem Stroke
                LaShawn - Brain Tumor
                Lidia - Spine AVM
                     Lidia Case History
                Lucy - Epilepsy and Tumor
                     Lucy Case History
                Mike - Spine
                     Mike Case History
                Nichele - Spinabifida
                     Picture Gallery
                     Video Testimonial
                Robert - Brain Tumor
                     Robert Case History
                Share Your Patient Story
           Preparing for Brain Surgery
      Research & Education
                Conferences and Educational Activities
                     100 Subjects in Neurosurgery
                          Conference Schedule
                Fellowships Programs
                     Neurocritical Care Fellowship - UCLA
                     Spinal Neurosurgical Care Fellowship
                          Goals and Objectives
                          Spinal Neurosurgical Care Fellowship Purpose
                     Stereotactic Radiosurgery Fellowship
                          Goals and Objectives
                     Transcranial Doppler
                          Faculty - Transcranial Doppler
                Medical Student Rotations
                Residency Training
                     Application Process
                     Clinical Training
                     History of UCLA Neurosurgery
                          In Memoriam
                     Our Residents
                          Alexander Tucker M.D.
                          Andrew Yew, M.D.
                          Arthur Chou, M.D., Ph.D.
                          Daniel Hirt, M.D.
                          Daniel Nagasawa M.D.
                          G. Prashant Prasad M.D.
                          Jasvinder Nangiana, M.D.
                          Joel Beckett M.D.
                          Jos'lyn Woodard M.D.
                          Leonardo Aliaga, M.D.
                          Matthew Garrett, M.D.
                          Nicholas Au Yong, M.D., Ph.D.
                          Publications - R25 Training Grant
                          Richard Everson, M.D.
                          Rudi Scharnweber M.D., Ph.D.
                          Sergei Terterov M.D.
                          Srinivas Chivukula M.D.
                          Tianyi Niu M.D.
                          Won Kim, M.D.
                          Yevgeniy Freyvert M.D.
                          Yinn Cher Ooi, M.D.
                     Policies and Procedures
                          I. Benefits
                          II. Board Exam Policy
                          III. Case Logs
                          IV. Dress Requirements
                          IX. Licensure Requirements
                          V. Duty Hours and Fatigue Management
                          VI. Educational Responsibilities
                          VII. Evaluations
                          VIII. Industrial Relationships
                          X. Moonlighting Policy
                          XI. Professional Travel
                          XII. Publication Requirements
                          XIII. Supervision Policy
                          XIV. Vacation and Leave
                     Program Curriculum*
                     Research Training
                Visiting Scholars
                Brain Injury Research Center (BIRC)
                     Additional Information (BIRC)
                     Contact Us (BIRC)
                     Education about TBI
                          Brain Injury - The Magnitude of the Problem
                          Donations - Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention Education
                          Links - Traumatic Brain Injury
                          Prevention Education
                               Curriculum - Prevention Education
                               For Parents and Teachers
                               Materials For Educators
                                    Animal Brain Cards
                                    Lesson 1 - The Brain
                                    Lesson 2 - Brain Injury
                                    Lesson 3 - Prevention
                                    Proper Helmet Fit
                                    Safety Cards
                                    Startup Letter
                                    Superhero Award Form
                                    TBI Prevention Poster
                               Neurotrauma For Kids
                                    Coloring pages for the Kids
                          T - Shirts
                          The Silent Epidemic
                     Faculty (BIRC)
                          Anna Taylor, PhD
                          Daniel C. Lu, MD, PhD
                          David Hovda, PhD
                          David McArthur, PhD MPH
                          Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, PhD
                          Mayumi Prins, PhD
                          Nagwa Khattab
                          Neil Harris, PhD
                          Neil Martin, MD
                          Paul Vespa, MD
                          Richard Sutton, PhD
                          Tom Glenn, PhD
                     Links (BIRC)
                     Meetings (BIRC)
                     Projects (BIRC)
                     Treatment for TBI
                     Understanding TBI
                Clinical Trials
                Grants & Awards
                Neuroplasticity & Repair Lab
                     The Team
                Neurosurgery Brain Tumor Nanotechnology Lab
                     Meningioma Lab
                     Our Team
                     Quality & Outcomes Lab
                     Video - Brain Cancer Research
                Neurosurgery Neural Systems & Dynamics Lab (NSDL)
                     Fabien Scalzo, Ph.D.
                     Jessica Lu
                     Mahsa Malekmohammadi
                     NSDL Research Subjects
                     Peter Honching Li
                     Related Links
                     Shadnaz Asgari, PhD
                     Sunghan Kim Ph.D.
                     Xiao Hu, PhD
                Neurosurgical Brain Mapping & Restoration Lab
                Research Scientists
                     Nanthia Suthana Ph.D.
                     Robert M. Prins PhD
      Acoustic Neuroma Program
           Acoustic Neuroma Physicians
           Semicircular Canal Dehiscence
      Aneurysm and AVM Program
           Diagnoses - Aneurysm AVM Program
           Faculty - Aneurysm and AVM
           Links - Aneurysm and AVM Program
           Patient Services - Aneurysm/AVM
      Brain Injury Program
           Diagnoses - Brain Injury Program
           Faculty - Brain Injury
           Links - Brain Injury Program
           Patient Services - Brain Injury Program
      Brain Tumor Program
           Brain Tumor Physicians
           FAQs Brain Surgery
           Links and Resources
           Research and Clinical Trials
           Treatment Options
                Advanced Imaging and Brain Mapping
                Awake Craniotomy
                Minimally Invasive Surgery
                MRI Suite (Intraoperative)
                Novalis Radiosurgery
                     About Gamma Knife
           Types of Brain Tumors
      Brain Tumor Program
           About Us
                History of Firsts
           Conditions Treated
           Our Team
           Patient Information
                Brain Tumor Awareness
                Brain Tumor FAQs
                Patient Stories
                     Bob Gibbs
                     Brad Silver
                     Jennifer Sugioka
           Treatment Options
      Chiari and Syringomyelia Program
           Diagnoses - Chiari and Syringomyelia
           Faculty - Chiari Syringomyelia
           Links - Chiari and Syringomyelia Program
      Epilepsy Program
           Adult Epilepsy
                Diagnoses - Adult Epilepsy
                Faculty - Adult Epilepsy Program
                Links - Adult Epilepsy
                Patient Services - Adult Epilepsy
           Pediatric Epilepsy
                Diagnoses - Pediatric Epilepsy
                Faculty - Pediatric Epilepsy
                Links - Pediatric Epilepsy
                Patient Services - Pediatric Epilepsy
                Patient Stories
                Rare Epilepsies & Brain Disease Tissue Bank (REBDTB)
                     About the Tissue Bank
                     Consent Forms
                     Contact the Tissue Bank
                     Donate Biological Samples
                     Participate In Research
                     Specimen Collection Instructions
                     Submit a Research Proposal
                     Transfer Documentation - Biological Samples
      Golden Portal Awards
                Tickets & Sponsorships
           Chairs and Committee
           Event Details
           Our Inspiration
           Past Honorees
           Photo Galleries
                2012 Photo Gallery
                2013 Photo Gallery
      Meningioma and Skullbase Tumor Program
           Diagnoses - Meningioma Skullbase Tumor
           Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery
      Neurocritical Care Program
           Edie Baskin Bronson and Richard Skip Bronson CBF Laboratory
           ICU of the Future Symposium - Feb 16-17, 2015
           Neuro ICU Family Guide
      Neuroendoscopy Program
      Neuromodulation for Movement Disorders & Pain
           About Us
                In the News
                     Live Tweet Surgery
           Conditions Treated
                Chronic Pain
                Essential Tremor
                Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
                Parkinson’s Disease
                Tourette’s Syndrome
                Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment (DBS, Neuromodulation)
           Our Team
           Patient Information
                Health Forms
                Patient Stories
                Video FAQs
           Research and Clinical Studies
           Treatment Options
                Deep Brain Stimulation
                Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy
                Microvascular Decompression
                Motor Cortex Stimulation
                Peripheral Nerve and Field Stimulation
                Radiofrequency Ablation
                Spinal Cord Stimulation
                Stereotactic Radiosurgery
      Neuromodulation for Movement Disorders and Pain Program
           Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
                For Referring Doctors
           Diagnoses - Movement Disorders
                Functional Neurosurgery Calendar
                Functional Neurosurgery Fellowship
                UCLA Functional Neurosurgery Publications
           Patient Resources and Forms
      Neuroplasticity and Repair Laboratory
           About Us
                Director's Welcome
           Conditions Treated
                Spinal Cord Injury
           Expert Team
           For Patients
                Maps and Directions
                Request an appointment
           Patient Stories
      Pediatric Neurosurgery Program
           Diagnoses - Pediatric Neurosurgery
           Faculty - Pediatric Neurosurgery
           Links - Pediatric Neurosurgery Program
           Preparing For Pediatric Neurosurgery
      Peripheral Nerve Program
           Diagnoses - Peripheral Nerve
           Faculty - Peripheral Nerve
           Links - Peripheral Nerve Program
      Pituitary Tumor Program
           Diagnoses - Pituitary Tumor
           Expert Lecture Series: Pituitary
                ELS: Acromegaly Management
                ELS: Cushing's Disease Diagnosis
                ELS: Endovascular Management of TNTS ICA Injuries
                ELS: Management of Medically-Refractory Prolactinoma
                ELS: Pituitary Hyperplasia or Tumor?
                ELS: Pituitary Surgery
                ELS: Radiosurgery for Pituitary Tumors
                ELS: Suprasellar Neuro-Ophthalmology
           iCase of the Month
                Acromegaly Heart Failure DQ0610
                Arachnoid Cyst ICA Injury
                Cranio NeuroOphth SX1111
                Cushings Remission OI0410
                Diabetes Insipidus TT1109
                Epidermoid WD0810
                GH Deficiency DN0411
                Gynecomastia AD0909
                Hyponatremia LV1009
                Intracavernous ICA Plaque TX0111
                IPSS for Cushing's Evaluation TT0711
                Missed Acromegaly EE1209
                Multiple Adenomas KI0611
                Paradoxical Growth IC1110
                Pediatric Cushings Disease SM1210
                Recurrent Cushings KI0110
                Refractory Prolactinoma LJ0910
                Sellar germinoma MI0710
                Stalk Effect LI0210
                Subtle Cushings DS1010
                Suprasellar Rathkes SD0510
                TSH-Secreting Adenoma
                Tuberculum Meningioma KH0511
                Upfront Radiosurgery CX0310
           Links - Pituitary Tumor
           Patient Support Group
           Treatment Options for Pituitary Tumor
                Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery
                Hormone Replacement Therapy
                Minimally-invasive craniotomy
                Pituitary Function Testing
      Stereotactic Radiosurgery Program
      Stroke Program
           Diagnoses - Stroke
           Faculty - Stroke Program
           Links - Stroke Program
      Visionary Ball
                Mark Burnett & Roma Downey
                Mel Cheatham M.D.
           Past Honorees
                2012 Honorees
                     Barbara Natterson-Horowitz
                     Chelsea Handler
                     Elon Musk
                     Kate Berg
                     Ted Gagliano
                2014 Honorees
                     Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong
                     Elizabeth Goldhirsh-Yellin
                     Jonathan & Susan Dolgen
                     Kelsey Grammer
                Billy Friedkin
                Chuck Lorre
                Rabbi David Wolpe
                Richard Merkin
                Steve Tisch
           Past Visionary Balls
                2005 Visionary Ball
                2007 Visionary Ball
                2009 Visionary Ball
                2010 Visionary Ball
                2011 Visionary Ball
                2012 Visionary Ball
           Patient Stories
                Christine Wycoff
                Jason Milner
                Jennifer Sugioka
                Richard Rothenberg
           Photo Gallery
                2012 Photo Gallery
                     2012 LAB Party Photo Gallery
                2013 Photo Gallery
                     The Guests
                2014 The Guests
           Tables, Ads & Tickets
           Visionary Impact
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           Site Map
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