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The UCLA Neurosurgery Residency Program

CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO. Neurosurgery Residency program is a rigorous clinical and academic training curriculum designed to produce the academic neurosurgeon of the future. The UCLA Neurosurgery Residency Program provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art clinical training in all major subspecialties of neurosurgery. The rigorous core curriculum is designed to achieve educational, clinical, and technical excellence. The final clinical year can be customized to each resident's professional development: accommodating focused clinical subspecialty electives or an enfolded clinical fellowship. As one of the world's leading research universities, UCLA offers nearly unparalleled, diverse resident research opportunities. Our goal is to train the neurosurgical leaders of the future

Marvn Bergsneider, MD, UCLA Neurosurgery Residency Program Director Marvin Bergsneider, MD
Residency Program Director
Professor and Vice-Chair of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Bergsneider received his neurosurgical training at UCLA, joining the faculty in 1994. He has won multiple teaching awards. His primary clinical focus is endoscopic endonasal approaches to the skullbase.
Neil Martin, MD, UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Chari Neil Martin, MD, FAANS
Department Chair

Training Hospitals

UCLA neurosurgery residents receive their core clinical training at four major teaching hospitals. The experience received at each of these hospitals is additive and complementary: providing our residents an important and unique exposure to a wide variety of neurosurgical practices and disorders. Our residents can also choose to obtain additional clinical elective training at a separate large metropolitan hospital. Together, these hospitals perform over 5000 neurosurgical operations annually.

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

This is the primary teaching hospital, located on the UCLA campus in Westwood. UCLA Medical Center is 540 bed hospital that has been ranked 'best in the West' by U.S. News & Report for over 20 years. The gamut of routine and complex intracranial, pediatric, and peripheral nerve operations are performed at 'Reagan.' It is a Level 1 trauma center. Over 1200 inpatient and 300 outpatient neurosurgical operations are performed annually.


Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Located 25 miles south of Westwood, 'Harbor' is a 570 bed Los Angeles County system hospital. It is a Level 1 trauma center. The full spectrum of neurosurgical procedures are performed. Residents enjoy a high level of responsibility in an environment of close, nurturing supervision. Over 400 inpatient neurosurgical operations are performed annually.


West Los Angeles VA Medical Center

The 'VA' is located just one mile west of Westwood. The residents receive an excellent experience in the surgical management of adult neurosurgical conditions similar to that of a community practice. Over 250 inpatient neurosurgical operations are performed annually at this 500 bed hospital.


UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica

'Santa Monica,' is a 266 bed hospital located five miles west of Westwood, is the site of the UCLA comprehensive neurosurgery-orthopedic spine center. Residents receive a focused experience in both inpatient and outpatient spinal surgery. Over 350 inpatient and 150 outpatient neurosurgical operations are performed annually.


Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center

Kaiser, located 14 miles east of Westwood in Hollywood, is 464 bed hospital and the neurosurgery referral hospital for the southern California Kaiser Permanente health system. There are 14 full time neurosurgeons on staff. Residents can select elective rotations in spine, pediatric neurosurgery, functional, or endovascular. Over 2500 inpatient neurosurgical operations are performed annually


Research Opportunities

Residency program in neurological surgery at UCLA - Applicants are expected to have a strong academic record with a strong interest in commitment to Neurosurgery.

One year of dedicated research time occurs during 4th year of training. Our aim is to provide an environment where the resident can tailor their experience to individual interests and needs, with the end product being a resident fully prepared to excel in an academic career. For residents with modest research experience entering residency, they learn the fundamental basics of scientific research. Other residents with a greater existing experience, including prior PhD's, utilize this opportunity to further enhance their research skills.

The UCLA Neurosurgery Department is one of the top neurosurgery departments in the world in terms of total research funding, with over half of the clinical faculty recipients of NIH grant support as principle investigator. Department laboratories include neuro-oncology, spine, epilepsy, vascular, functional, and neurotrauma. Residents can elective to obtain their research experience outside of our Department laboratories, taking advantage of distinguished research faculty at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, several of which are Nobel laureates.

Many of our residents are recipients of prestigious NIH R25 training awards in addition to other research fellowships.?In addition to traditional basic science, bench top research, residents can choose clinical research training, health policy training at the UCLA School of Public Health, or other innovative programs. For residents desiring more extensive research experience, UCLA offers a STAR Program, where selected residents can obtain a PhD during their residency training.

Residents are required to publish a minimum of one peer-reviewed manuscript per year beginning in their 3rd year.

Enfolded Residency Fellowships

The 7th year of UCLA neurosurgery residency allows the opportunity for enfolded clinical fellowships. Opportunities include the UCLA Spinal Neurosurgery Fellowship, the UCLA Neurocritical Care Fellowship, and completing the first year of the Interventional Radiology Fellowship. We are currently applying for accreditated clinical enfolded fellowships in functional neurosurgery and brain tumor-skullbase.

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