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UCLA Neurosurgery


Pediatric Neurosurgery Program


  •  Pediatric Neurosurgeon with patient
    The multifaceted UCLA Pediatric Neurosurgery Program provides comprehensive services to children suffering from diseases that affect the developing brain and spinal cord.

    We treat children with Chiari malformationepilepsybrain tumorshydrocephalus, neurovascular disorders, spina bifida, tethered cord and craniofacial malformations.

  • Our faculty has developed effective and less invasive surgical techniques for treating Pediatric Epilepsy and the many presentations of Chiari type I.

  • We strive to protect our patient's dreams. Having followed this philosophy for 20 years, we can look back at our patients and be proud of their achievements in life.  We measure our success by high school diplomas, bar mitzvahs, holy communions, and track and field awards.

All those magnificent children, many of them adult now, give us confidence and inspiration to continue looking for new ways to improve the quality of life of every child who is our patient.

Recent Developments

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